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The 250 Point Project

Superman would beat Thor senseless, and you all know this!!!
The Beatings will now begin! Art By George Perez.
The characters on the left are the Property of Marvel Comics. The ones on the right belong to DC Comics.

What I have So Far:

Batman (Bruce Wayne)
Captain Marvel (SHAZAM!)
Green Lantern
Metal Guardian Faust
(Ultimate) Spider-Man NEW!!!
Star Spangled Kid
Wonder Woman

Writeups by others that limbo under the 250 point dividing line:

Batman (Terry McGinnis) by Darrin Clough
Cosmic Boy by Robert Phillips
Daredevil by Matt Gaul
Live Wire by Robert Phillips
Martian Manhunter by Matt Gaul
The Question by Tone Milazzo
Saturn Girl by Robert Phillips
Matt's Champions Page has more than I can list here.

A little bit about me

I have played Champions for over a decade. I have been a comic book fanboy for over two decades. I have been online for about 3 years. I am primarily a DC reader, but I have a healthy appreciation for Marvel. My current favorite superhero comics are JLA, The Authority, Starman, Avengers, JSA and Planetary. With the exception of the Authority, I will attempt to have the main characters of each of these titles on my site eventually.

Why I am doing this

There are quite a few sites on the Web that offer HERO write-ups of comic book characters. For the most part, these write-ups are very good and very accurate. But there are a few things about them that upset me:

So here is my pledge to you, the surfer. I'm gonna put up writeups of your favorite heroes, and they are going to be built as close to 250 points as possible. Some of them are going to be difficult (I dread working on Martian Manhunter). Some of them are going to be downright impossible (I'm not even going to TRY to do The Authority). All of these characters will be usable as backup PCs, or as antagonists that the heroes have a reasonable chance of defeating. Where's the fun in fighting the Fantastic Four if they are going to take you out in Segment 3?

The Ground Rules:

I'm going to need all the help I can get in this endeavor. So keep these points in mind when reading or contributing characters:

The Exception

Villains. Villains are not bound by these rules. Villains should be built on more points than the hero. They should be tougher, faster, stronger, smarter, and more powerful than the heroes. They are there to present a challege to the hero. Lex Luthor may not be a physical match for Superman, but you better believe he has a 300-point Gadget Pool which he uses to build doomsday machines, killer robots, and battlesuits with wretched color schemes. Sabretooth is stronger and faster than Wolverine. Magneto has to be powerful enough to give 20 or so X-Men a run for their money. The sky is the limit for the villains.

But I Digress...

Soon, I will have many, many write-ups, but for now, the site is a little thin. In the mean time, go to these sites, chock full of high-powered write-ups:

Deejay's Unofficial Champions Writeup Page
One of the first, and still the best.

The Great Net Book of Real HEROs
Another really good page

Uncanny X-Men and Friends Page
A little High-End for my tastes, but still a very good site.

Power Point
Not many character writeups, but lots of useful Champions related material.

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